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        Li ion Battery

      1. Li ion Battery
      2. Li Polymer Battery
      3. LiFePO4 Battery
      4. Ni MH&Ni CD Battery
      5. Finished Battery
      6. Key Features

        Rechargeable Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) cells have a negative electrode (anode) made from lithium compounds. Lithium is a highly reactive material and is much lighter than the hydrogen-absorbing metal alloy of the NiMH negative electrode. This leads to higher gravimetric energy densities for the Li-Ion cell. Cells can stay in storage for 12 months without requiring maintenance. The expected cycle life of a Li-Ion in an application is about 500+ cycles.


        Key Features:

        1.     High energy density, high and stable operating voltage, with average voltage over 3.7V.

        2.     High safety.

        3.     Long cycle life over 500 times.

        4.     With automatic production, the consistency of the battery is ensured and suit for series-parallel assembly.


        Bluetooth Keyboard, Auto electronics, GPS, Digital products, Toys
        Portable DVD, Tablet PC, POS machine, PDA, Power bank, Medical device, 
        Electric bike, Electric scooter, Security Products, etc

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        E-mail: info@ddzbattery.com

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